Cynthia Morgan lied! Joy Tongo, her former manager speaks on issues with Jude Okoye

Against the artist’s claims that she did not read the contract, her ex-manager, Joy Tongo, claims that she and Cynthia Morgan drafted the contract and forwarded it to Jude Okoye.
Cynthia Morgan
Cynthia Morgan

Yesterday, Jude Okoye addressed the claims by Cynthia Morgan on popular social media influencer, Tunde Ednut’s Live. He states that he had no right to hold on to Cynthia’s name against the claims by the female rapper.

He further stated that Cynthia’s contract expired in 2017, hence, he has nothing to do with her anymore. He also confirmed that Morgan indeed owed him over 40 million dollars.

However, things have taken a new turn today as Cynthia Morgan’s former manager, Joy Tongo, on her social media accounts states that the contract that has been the bone of contention was drafted by both Cynthia Morgan and her.

On Label Signing and Management Issues

Joy Tongo explained that Cynthia Morgan was signed in 2011, not because she reached out to Morgan but because many of Cynthia Morgan’s associates persistently ask that she should be Cynthia’s manager.

Giving more insight, Tongo writes on how she got a US work permit for Morgan so she can get a bigger platform in New York. This was unsuccessful because of the contract given to them. It was then she took her to Jude Okoye in Atlanta who stated his reluctancy in signing any artist to his label, hence, he did not consider Morgan.

However, after a successful recording of Kuchi Kuchi, the audio was sent to Jude which after a while, changed his mind and made him agree to sign Cynthia Morgan to the record label, Northside.

Against the artist’s claims that she did not read the contract, her ex-manager, Joy Tongo, claims that she and Cynthia Morgan drafted the contract and forwarded it to Jude Okoye. She states that the contract was drafted by her while Morgan reviewed and approved it before sending it to Jude Okoye.

She further stated that nothing in the contract states that Jude Okoye or Northside Label would take ownership of her name, royalties, or social media handles.

She went on to debunk the claim made by Morgan that her image and brand were forced on her by her management as untrue. She explains Cynthia Morgan never complained about her image and expressed satisfaction at the popularity the image gave her. The image became a brand for Cynthia Morgan.

On Music Promotion And Personal Growths

Cynthia Morgan claimed that her music was not promoted, however, Joy Tongo in her release states that promotion was not an easy walk for them as it is difficult pushing female artistes in the entertainment industry. Because of Jude’s and Tongo’s connections, they were able to strategise and negotiate until her music became mainstream.

She further stated that Cynthia Morgan never paid any house rent throughout the time she was with her. She lived with Tongo for over three years till the latter part of 2015 when Jude paid her to secure her own apartment and got her a range rover, then gave her some money to purchase land for her mother in Benin upon her request.

However, after the big success of German Juice and I’m Taken, Cynthia Morgan became difficult to manage as she constantly performed in different shows without her management’s knowledge. Joy Tongo parted ways with her in June 2016 because of these issues, while, Cynthia Morgan also left Northside Label before the end of her contract in 2017.

She went on to release 2 songs with her new label and neither Jude nor Tongo questioned her over this. She emphatically stated again that Cynthia Morgan has rights to her legal name, brand, and everything that was created for her.

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