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Nsala soup with catfish – Weekend recipe

Ofe Nsala is one of the fastest and easiest Igbo Soup to prepare and it’s also called the White Soup.

Nsala soup is prepared with pieces of yam, ogiri, utazi leaves and any of fish, chicken or liver. The soup originates from the Eastern part of Nigeria. A major ingredient of Nsala Soup is the cat fish which gives the soup a unique taste. Some times most people choose meat also, like chicken or cow liver to give them different tastes.


  • 1 big Catfish
  • 8 small pieces white yam
  • 5 Utazi leaves
  • 2 small seasoning cubes
  • Small piece of ogiri okpei
  • A handful crayfish
  • Habanero pepper (to taste)
  • Salt (to taste)


  1. Kill and cut it up the Catfish if you purchased the live one. Then pour hot water on the pieces of fish to remove the slime on the fish as well as toughen them. You want to toughen the catfish so it does not disintegrate in the soup. 
  2. Quickly rinse off the slime with cool water and place the fish in the cooking pot.
  3. Peel the yam and cut into medium pieces.
  4. Chop the utazi and pound in a mortar with the pepper, ogiri okpei and crayfish. Just give them a rough pound. Same with if you are using a blender.
  5. Procedure for making the Ofe Nsala (Nsala Soup)1,Add the seasoning cubes (crushed) to the pot of fish.
  6. Add the pieces of yam.
  7. Pour water to cover everything and start cooking.
  8. When the yam is soft and moist, bring them out and place in a mortar.
  9. Add the pounded crayfish, pepper, ogiri okpei and utazi into the pot of fish and continue cooking.
  10. Pound the cooked yam in a mortar till smooth and stretchy.
  11. Add the yam into the pot of Ofe Nsala in small lumps, cover and continue cooking.
  12. Once the yam dissolves and thickens the soup, it is done. If you achieve medium consistency before all the yam is dissolved, take out the undissolved yam because you do not want the Ofe Nsala to be too thick.
  13. Add salt if necessary, stir very well and Ofe Nsala is ready for devouring. 

This weekend recipe is brought to you by Ifeoma Nnalue Channel. For more recipes, Subscribe to her YouTube Channel with free weekly videos you won’t want to miss.

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