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Time management tips that will help you boost your productivity

By Rabiat Mustapha

Time management is the art of scheduling and allocating time to several activities for efficiency and better result. The ability to manage time effectively is one of the essential skills for accomplishing goals and achieving success. Developing effective time management skill is highly dependent on our daily habits. If time is not well managed, productivity is unlikely to be achieved. Having 24 hours a day may not seem to be enough to get things done. However, if we have to get things done, we must learn to get more things done in the less time.

Here are few time management tips to help you achieve better productivity.

  1. Set Clear Goals – Write down goals you need to accomplish. Your goals should be SMART- specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. When you set SMART and clear goals, they are more likely to be reached with less stress and better productivity.
  • Plan Out Each Day Using A To-Do-List – You could write out list of task you need to achieve for each week and assign task  to weekdays or create a to-do-list of tasks you need to achieve the next day at the end of each day or you create task list in the morning before starting out your day.  Planning ahead allow you focus on achieving your goals and lessen distractions. Avoid creating a long list of task for a day. Assign 3-4 tasks to each day and be sure to carry out the task with optimum attention. Doing less is more.
  • Prioritize Task And Set Time Limit For Each Task – Make sure to list task in order of their importance. Urgent, important and challenging task should be done first in the morning. This should be followed by important but not urgent task. Urgent but not important task could be delegated or outsourced. Tasks that are not urgent and not important should be eliminated.
  • Stay Organize – Stick to your schedule and try as much as possible not to lose focus. Ensure all you need to carry out the days task is readily available and your work environment is tidy and in order.
  • Do Not Multi-Task – In as much as you want to complete the entire task in your schedule for that day, it is advisable to avoid carrying out different task at the same time. Multi-tasking in reality waste time, reduces work quality and lessen productivity. Rather than dividing your attention between two tasks try focusing all your attention on one task.
  • Keep Track Of Time – Time tracking let you know how many minutes of your time is spent on a particular task, average amount of time it takes to complete a task, your most productive time in a day and so on. Time management apps or online calendar such as Toggl, RescueTime, Google calendar, Evernote, TickTick, FocusMe e.t.c. can also be use in tracking time.
  • Schedule Recess Between Task – Take breaks between tasks e.g. you could take 10 minutes break after every 1 hour. This gives you time to refresh, clear your mind and improve productivity.
  • Avoid Perfection And Distraction – Striving for perfectionism makes nothing seem good enough. This doesn’t mean you should give less attention to a task rather; you do your best and move on. To avoid distraction, trying going offline,  putting off your phone, keeping your phone outside your work room, working in a quiet room, taking breaks, etc.
  1. Get Enough Sleep – Sleep for about 6-7 hours each night. This enable you get enough  rest and prepare ahead for the next day schedule.

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