What is modern advertising?

We’re living through a time of unprecedented social change. Progressive values are becoming mainstream at light speed and people are looking to see how brands respond. In the face of that challenge, the rebuilding of trust between advertisers and consumers – as well as within the industry itself – has never been so important.

If the last few years have been the story of an arms race, fuelled by scale and data, we are now entering the era of Modern Advertising where it’s time to re-balance those goals with context, attention, trust and values.

At The Bloomgist we have three collectively unique gifts to help modern advertisers succeed

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Trust in advertising has never been lower, and we want to help build that back up. We are the No.1 most trusted independent newsbrand in West Africa. Our readers trust us to speak truth to power and reflect their values. Our advertisers trust our quality, brand safe environment.

Meaningful reach

We are one of the biggest quality digital newsbrand in West Africa, reaching 150 thousand people each month. But we know that’s nothing without attention. Luckily, ads on The Bloomgist are 10 times more likely to be seen than on competitors.


We are the No.1 most trusted independent digital newsbrand in West Africa


We reach 150k people each month

A progressive audience

Living in a world of unprecedented societal change, with the public narratives around politics, gender, body image, sexuality and diet all being challenged. The Bloomgist is committed to reflecting the progressive agenda, and reaching the crowd that uphold those values. It’s helpful that we reach over half of progressives in the UK.


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Display Advertising

With our range of ad units, we take advantage of every inch real estate around and within our stories, offering brands a canvas to reflect their brand vision. Our display advertising promises more measurable engagement when compared to traditional media.

As the industry moves away from simplistic digital advertising, we are offering advertisements and reporting that measure the data marketers truly care about. Bloomgist offers the following display units:

  • Leaderboard – 728 x 90
  • Half Page – 300 x 600
  • Medium Rectangle – 300 x 250
  • Square – 300 x 300
  • Small Rectangle – 320 x 100

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