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Face-mask fashion makes fighting virus ‘more fun’

Nigerian designer Sefiya Diejomaoh, pictured above sporting a diamante-studded covering, did not want to stop being stylish.

Best TV Shows of 2019

Most of the shows have entertainment at their core, hence our focus would be on those that offer a great deal of entertainment, and are popular with Nigerians in the year.


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Food recipe

The best of London fashion week – in Pictures

Our daily recaps and the most memorable moments from the runways.



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Movie reviews

Edge of Extinction review – a gruelling fight to survive … and stay awake

Some well-crafted action scenes are thwarted by a stilted script in Andrew Gilbert’s plodding post-apocalyptic thriller


Need a Haircut?

A longing for professional grooming is leading some unshorn citizenry to seek out barbering on the sly.

The ugly sides of skin bleaching

The search for a true and fine-toned skin, admirable by all, have driven people to procuring products, which transmogrifies the natural skin colour, with the unhealthy chemical substances therein.