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You need more than just a wrist watch – how about a smart watch?

Ever thought of other things you can do with your wrist watch besides using it to check time? How about we guide you through this new ways of enjoying a wide range of beneficial options to go with while keeping track of what the time is with a smart watch.

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The watches are all water resistance and comes with screens that are not easily broken, and just like your smart phones, the smart watches comes with many features including but not limited to smart and responsive touch screen that detects fingers and smart contacts, with the Bluetooth sport pedometer, you can go ahead and have that morning routine without having to bother about getting another pedometer for your morning exercise, as well as both inbuilt and external memory card space for storage of up to 16-32 gigabits, music and photo gallery, G-sensor. Can dail and receive calls, has G-sensor, anti-theft, Remote camera/spy camera and recorders, 1.5 inch ultra narrow side screen, 2.5D curved TP Slim, HD display IPS high-sensitivity capacitive touch screen, precision full-fit process, It has an inbuilt speaker, Silicone material, anti sweat straps, CPU (processor) MTK6260, Bluetooth: 3.0, Machine size:45.6*3*12.5MM.
It’s a 2018 American version smart watch.
The smart watches have been designed with attention to every detail to give you better and unforgettable experience while you stand out in the crowd.
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Press release: The Camp 2019 to hold on Saturday 16th

The Camp

As part of the continued quest to impact the African society through its programmes and stories, The Bloomgist is hosting its landmark event – The Camp 2019 to bring the most creative and curious young entrepreneurs in Lagos to share powerful innovative ideas to build an entrepreneurship friendly atmosphere. The two day summit will host an audience of 300+ and feature a number of high profile keynote speakers, panels and on-stage interviews.

The camp is an annual programme organised by The Bloomgist to bring youths, entrepreneurs, creative artists, writers, digital journalists, bloggers and the creative mind in one place to share, educate, enlighten, network and find a way to assist each other in our creative and revolutionary projects and help one another develop our great dreams.

“Time” – the 2019 theme

The theme for the 2019 edition; TIME, is designed to bring to the youths the need to act on time and the many benefits of keeping to time. As a young entrepreneur, you have many other things to do and many others competing fore the same market, time is so important and vital to growth.

Taking place in FESTAC, Lagos Nigeria, the event will see powerful influencers including young female entrepreneurs leading in the fight against sexual abuses on young females in our society, successful business owners convene to address the many challenges facing the young entrepreneurs due to lack of support and access to funds and mentorship. The event will also discuss the effect of family backgrounds and it’s way of determining the fate of our youths, as well as many others.

The summit will take place on Saturday March 16, at The Place Restaurant, FESTAC Town, Lagos. The event will be hosted by The Bloomgist’s Tracy Okolie.

Other Speakers will include:

  • Chuks Eccil: CEO, MECCI international company.
  • Stephen P Chidiebere: Life-Coach & CEO, Crownforth Learners Consult
  • Nancy Herberts: Founder, Noble Fingers Resources
  • Muyiwa Awoniyi: Founder and creative director, TLS Publishers LTD
  • Sam Diala: Veteran Journalist with Leadership Newspapers

Mike Ikenwa, Editor-in-Chief, The Bloomgist said:

“We have a lot of work to do to help our young, growing and innovative entrepreneurs building platforms and and projects to make our society better, we have less resources to do that, but what I am so certain is that no matter how little it is, we will use whatever is available to make African society a very viable place for the world, one step at a time, and The Camp is just the platform’

– Mike Ikenw

You can learn more and register for the event on

Enugu Readers’ Summit 2018 was sparkled with excellence

By: Amb Gideon Okeke

Amb Gideon Okeke, the Founding President of IMPACTFIELD GLOBAL YOUTH INITIATIVE has declared the 2018 Enugu Readers Summit a colossal success. According to him, the ERS 2018 which kicked off with an essay writing competition for secondary school students in Enugu state on Wednesday, the 3rd of October, 2018 and ended with it grand finale (the Enugu Readers Summit and Awards 2018) was more successful than anyone ever expected.


Enugu Readers’ Summit is one of the major projects of the ImpactField which has grown to become an annual meeting. It is geared towards bringing back the students and youths to the reading table because it has over time been proven that men of worth and influence all over the world have a connection with books, they were made in the reading room. “Throughout the year we go from school to school teaching them the important of reading and personal development. Towards the end of the year we gather in a students and youths forum to discuss how effective life could be if books –knowledge– are not taken for granted. We also engage the secondary school students in a competition where the winners are determined according to merit and rewarded adequately” said Amb Gideon Okeke.

According to records, Enugu Readers Summit started on the 12th of July, 2016 with only 16 participants in a classroom at National Grammar School and having Rtn. Pst. E.A Grahams as the only adults in the meeting who doubled as the guest speaker. The low turnout did not frustrate the organizers into putting off the vision that was burning in them like flames of fire, rather they were determined to do more than they have done.


In 2017, the Enugu Readers Summit had a participation of close to 700 people consisting of secondary school students, youths, publishers, published authors from different writing niche and a whole lot of respected people in the city of Enugu.

The vision almost got to its dreadful halt when the founder, Amb Gideon Okeke, alongside his entire team went hunting for sponsorship for the 2018 edition of the summit (as the previous ones have always been self-sponsored with only  a little support from individuals and organizations) and found no recordable success. On a second thought the entire team had to review their vision and why they started ImpactField at the first place and from thence found reasons to do more, to push more even without sponsorship.

The summit which unarguably is one of the five largest annual students/youths’ gathering in Enugu since 2017 got it breakthrough this year from the benevolence and doggedity of its team members and well spirited individuals in and across Enugu and was held successful. It was adjudged the best ever.

The ERS 2018 with the theme “SPARKLES OF EXCELLENCE” featured the highly renowned On-Air Personality with Solid 100.9 Fm Enugu (Uma Uchechukwu Gabriel) as the keynote speaker, Dr. Adaobi Nwoye (The founder of Coal City Literary Forum) and Sir Chukwuma Ephraim Okenwa –CEO (the convener of #YouthDecides2019) as speakers. Also in attendance were notable writers, both young and old, from different writing niches which include Pst. Onyi Nnebedum (Author of Beat the Rest, Wisdom Donors, Shoot at Millions etc), Mr. Livinus Chinonso (Author of Maximum Impact etc), Ned Chinedum Nwabunike (Author of Eclipse, Ojuju Calabar, Despodency etc), Vitalis Kalu (Author of The Search for You and Young and Intentional), Solomon Umezude (Author of Endure to Enjoy and Choices), Stanley Chukwuemeka (Author of The Leader in You), Dr. Ufuoma Onwuka (Author of the Road to Righteousness), Maggie Smart 11 (Author of The Smart Writer’s HandBook etc), just to mention but a few.


The summit which had, as part of its content, paper presentation, keynote speeches, open mic reading, awards presentations, competitions, poetic renditions etc was said to have achieved it main aim of inspiring youths and students into becoming excellent in all they do by prompt acquisition and rightful application of knowledge in all their life’s endeavours.

During the appraisal and evaluation part of the event, the participants expressed their gratitude to the organizers of the Enugu Readers Summit for the impact the events has yielded in their lives since 2016 and pledged to always apply  whatever information they have garnered in the summit to their individual lives.

After evaluating the outcome of the 2018 summit, the entire team, led by Amb. Gideon Okeke, were surprised at the impact of the event and amazed at the success that they uttered that Enugu Readers’ Summit 2018 was sparkled with unpredicted Excellence.

CONTACT IMPACTFIELD GLOBAL YOUTH INITIATIVE (The organizers of Enugu Readers Summit) through:


The girl who challenged life: surviving the odd in Burkina Faso

Born with a rare condition that affects limb development, Wendabo was disowned by her father and shunned by neighbours. Now the 12-year-old is at school and thriving, thanks to local support.


By  in Gogo

Angèle Bouda was walking through the market in Gogo, near the district capital Manga, when she saw the crowd. People were gathered around, clapping a young girl with severe disabilities who was dancing to music as her mother collected money from onlookers.

Bouda, who works with disabled people, was intrigued by the little family and stayed behind to talk to Wendabo, aged eight at the time, and her mother Pascaline. It is unusual for disabled children in Burkina Faso to be so visible; normally, Bouda’s team have to go door to door to find children who are kept hidden away.

Wendoba has tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects limb development in the womb. Pascaline’s husband blamed his wife for their daughter’s disabilities and left soon after the girl was born. As she grew older, Wendabo’s dancing became the family’s main source of income.

“On big market days, she could bring in 5,000 CFAs (£6.70) in a day, on smaller ones it would be two or three thousand,” says Pascaline. “I was disappointed at first when he left, but who else is going to take care of my baby if he won’t? I had to get on with it.”

The family rent their hut for 2,000 CFA a month. It’s a stretch, both financially and physically. Wendabo, her two sisters and their mother, unable to fit inside together, often sleep in the open, even in the rainy season.

Wendoba outside her home.

When Bouda first met the family, none of the girls were in school. To prepare for Wendabo to go to school, through its community-based rehabilitation programme, the NGO Light for the World provided physio and a wheelchair, helped with teacher training, provided an access ramp for her classroom and sought to raise awareness among her fellow pupils.

Today, Wendabo is a lively schoolgirl, popular and outgoing.

“It was difficult at the beginning, it was the first time I’d encountered such a child. But I knew, as she is God’s creature, I should accept her in class,” says Eboubié Kamouni, her teacher for the past four years.

In a class of 74, learning is inevitably teacher-centred, attention maintained with the crack of a stick on a desk, as pupils write and calculate in French rather than the Mooré language they speak at home.

Wendabo writes with her stumps rather than her prosthetics, finding it easier, and her mother has been shown daily exercises with which she can help her.

Wendoba in maths class. Everyone uses small chalkboards, rather than paper
Wendoba in maths class. Everyone uses small chalkboards, rather than paper

It takes time to establish a working relationship with parents; some mothers initially fear their child may be taken away from them. Pascaline was used to coping alone. On the day Wendabo was born, a neighbour dropped in to visit. Even though her contractions had started, Pascaline did what she could not to let them show until her visitor left.

“When the child started to appear, I lifted myself up and I could see that she didn’t have hands, just two upper arms. I continued pushing and when she came out, I noticed that she had no lower limbs either.”

Pascaline cleaned up the newborn to show her husband. But he would not touch his daughter and hasn’t to this day.


Neighbours in the community were curious to see the new baby that Pascaline named “will of God”, even as others labelled her a monster. There were rumours that the father and a local official would “get rid of her”, until Pascaline felt she had no choice but to move away. So began several itinerant years, until the family settled in the small hut in the village of Kaolin.

When Wendabo did begin school, her teacher says, her attendance wasn’t regular and support workers realised she was still going to market to dance and beg. They talked with Pascaline and worked out a solution for an alternative source of income. She was given a canopy, pots and pans to set up a cooked rice market stall.

Wendabo’s elder sister, Wendami, 16, used to push her wheelchair down the rough footpath to school. But Wendami has left school. Older than her classmates, and with the overcrowding at home, she’s had to move to her father’s place near the mine where he works. She’s looking forward to coming home permanently.

Wendkouni has stepped in as her sister’s escort. Now seven, she was at first too young to start school, so she waited under a tree while Wendabo was in class until support workers persuaded the school director to admit her early. Teachers say she’s flourishing.

Neighbours in the community were curious to see the new baby that Pascaline named “will of God”, even as others labelled her a monster. There were rumours that the father and a local official would “get rid of her”, until Pascaline felt she had no choice but to move away. So began several itinerant years, until the family settled in the small hut in the village of Kaolin.

When Wendabo did begin school, her teacher says, her attendance wasn’t regular and support workers realised she was still going to market to dance and beg. They talked with Pascaline and worked out a solution for an alternative source of income. She was given a canopy, pots and pans to set up a cooked rice market stall.

Wendabo’s elder sister, Wendami, 16, used to push her wheelchair down the rough footpath to school. But Wendami has left school. Older than her classmates, and with the overcrowding at home, she’s had to move to her father’s place near the mine where he works. She’s looking forward to coming home permanently.

Wendkouni has stepped in as her sister’s escort. Now seven, she was at first too young to start school, so she waited under a tree while Wendabo was in class until support workers persuaded the school director to admit her early. Teachers say she’s flourishing.

Wendkouni escorts her sister to and from school
Wendkouni escorts her sister to and from school

Now 12, Wendabo says she likes school, being sociable and making friends and wants to be a teacher when she’s older.

Once embedded in the school community, the next challenge was to improve Wendabo’s living conditions. It took four years of patient negotiations to find somewhere better. A local priest convinced an elderly gentleman to give the family a small plot of land not far from their current hut. The new breeze block house is modest, but rainproof, with a small area to grow beans, okra and peanuts. The family will move in a few weeks, after their millet is harvested.

Light for the World and a local partner, the Organisation Catholique pour le Développement et la Solidarité, raised 261,300 CFA to build the little house.

The family’s new home. They will relocate once the millet is harvested

Wendabo’s mother aspires for her to become a respected member of their community, and to be able to take care of herself and her mother in her old age.

Emmanuel Guigma is one of Wendabo’s modestly paid support workers. “Today you can see how Wendabo is a genuine centre of interest at school. Children with a disability suffer so much, as all too often people reject them – as Wendabo’s father did – and they remain isolated at home.


“What motivates me to walk door to door in communities to help them is to see her newfound independence. I want to help protect children like her so that they are accepted. To see her empowerment and integration quite simply makes me happy.”

This content is sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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We are on the mission to make young people more responsible – Amb. Gideon C. Okeke

Amb. Gideon Okeke, the convener of the annual Enugu Readers Summit and the National President of ImpactField Global Youth Initiative has given reasons why his initiatives won’t give up on impacting the lives of young people in Enugu and in Africa in general amidst all the challenges attached to it.


For over 2 years, Impactfield Global Youth Initiatives has been on its campaign to drive moral change among young people. The organization which has its headquarter in Enugu State of Nigeria is a Non Governmental Organization which is geared at raising responsible youths that will cause a drastic positive change in Africa in the nearest future. She achieves these through a lot conscious and consistent initiatives which include numerous charity outreach, leadership programmes, free skill acquisitions trainings, youth development and youth empowerment meetings, youth and children advocacy, volunteerism, mind empowerment programmes which one of them is the forth coming Enugu Readers Summit.


According to him, “Enugu Readers’ Summit is the brain-child of ImpactField Global Youth Initiative which was founded on the 12th of July, 2016 in a classroom at National Grammar School, Nike, Enugu. It is a movement that is geared towards bringing students and youths back to the reading table because it has been proven that men of great worth and influence in the world are built in the reading room. Over the years, since inception, we have been able to reach over 4000 students in and around Enugu and Anambra States through both Enugu and Anambra Readers Summit and our various school tours. We’ve been able to distribute over 2500 books to students, school libraries and organizations’ libraries. Most of these books were donated to us by people who love what we are doing while we paid for some.”


The annual Enugu Readers Summit does not only teach young people how to read books. It is also geared at bringing out the best in the lives of the teenagers and the youths that do attend it. It is a mind activation programme organized for free with support from some of our partners.


This year, Enugu Readers Summit with the theme “SPARKLES OF EXCELLENCE” is planned to help youths and students in and around Enugu State discover how to become excellent in all they do through imbibing and acting upon knowledge for effective and efficient delivery in all their endeavors. It is aimed at achieving the following amongst its numerous expectations and features:

  • To empower young people to cultivate a reading attitude and become excellent in all they do. Hence, the theme.
  • Celebrate young people who are affecting the society with little or nothing.
  • Empower young people to become the best they are created to be.
  • Entertain them through poetic renditions, drama and other literary performances
  • Official Launch of our BACK2SCHOOL Project –A Scholarship Scheme Project for the less privileged.
  • Essay Competition for Secondary School Students and Prize Giving/Awards



Seeing Spring Of Life winning most of the prizes, although I didn’t participate in the competition, I was really challenged to read harder and that man that was speaking many languages (though I can’t remember his name) really challenged me because I was surprised that only one person could speak so many languages and I vowed to learn as many languages as possible. All those young poets really inspired me too. In short, the program was wonderful and inspiring too.

– Kilani Victoria, Queens’ School Enugu

The Enugu Readers Summit which was held on the 30th of Sept., 2017 has totally affected my life positively, as the matter of fact. It was very interesting because I was touched with the appearance. It also taught me that a reader today is equally to a leader tomorrow. There were so many gifts and prizes given to the competitors, it also touched my life thereby encouraging me to do more.

Nwatu Daniel, National Grammar School Enugu

The National President, on his interview with the ImpactVoice revealed that one reason why he will not give up on this project is that this programme is Yielding results. “Anything you do that does not produce desired results is not worth doing. The results we have seen in the lives of the participants of Enugu Readers Summit and Anambra Readers Summit is quite interesting. We have gotten their messages. I have spoken with some of them and I am glad that they are already out to do things for their society as a result of the Enugu Readers Summit. I know that very soon, we shall together build a better Africa. The struggle will never be in vain.”


He also called for supports and partnership from both National and International bodies, governmental and Non Governmental Organizations, firms and industries and kind hearted individuals to support this works and find a way of bringing it to their states and countries. In his words “the Impactfield project is too enormous. It is not what an individual can achieve in a space of time. Hence, we call on individuals, organizations and bodies to come and join this. Let us make it bigger. We can as well bring it to your city.”


DATE: Saturday 6th October, 2018
TIME: Red Carpet @ 9AM, Main Event @ 10AM

VENUE: Centre for Memories, 2 Agwu Street, off Umuoji Street, by Agric Bank Bustop,  Independence Layout, ENUGU.




This content is sponsored by Impactfield Global Youth Initiative

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Plakman is all you need to live a healthy life

With an increasing rate of heart diseases and rise in kidney problems, many scientist have been in search of that medicine that can be able to cure, protect and keep you healthy while going about your daily routines – hence the introduction of Plakman – The ultimate cure for that troublesome sickness.

Plak Man 3

Plakman is a natural cure, scientifically proven to set you free from that persistent sickness that has refused to leave your body.

Below are some of the sickness that can be cure completely by Plakman.

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Pneumonia
  • Heart disease
  • Sleeping difficulty
  • Purging and stooling

You can buy a pack of this wonderful medicine  by contacting the following

  • ADDRESS: No. 6 Anifowose street, Ilasamaja, Mushin Lagos
  • PHONE: 08036763146, 08023195371, 08056118449
  • EMAIL:

The Bloomgist unveils new brand campaign: Don’t divide us

The Bloomgist has launched a new integrated brand campaign, which aims to showcase its unbiased journalism and reappraisal of the brand.

The campaign made its debute March 30th, 2018.

It is now being rolled out across TV, digital and print. Iceberg-Pictures created the campaign in collaboration with The Bloomgist’s in-house marketing and creative teams.

The creative utilises famous cultural references – from politics, to sport and pop-culture – to highlight moments when actions have been considered and divisive. Executionally, the campaign brings to life specific actions, policies and statements, through their inherent power, have taken route in culture or affected the very course of history.

At a time when public figures, influential and political leaders have incited and divided the continent, and the role that quality journalism plays in providing news, insight and analysis. It is with this in mind that the advert ends with the line, ‘Don’t divide us. We are one’.

Also highlighted is The Bloomgist’s multi-platform strategy which aims to bring Bloomgist content to consumers wherever they are, with content being available across digital, on third party platforms, audio and print.

Don’t divide us builds on The Bloomgist’s broader MediaFits brand positioning and belief that knowledge, information and insight are the keys to moving forward in today’s world.

About The Bloomgist:

The Bloomgist’s mission is to deliver quality, trusted, award-winning journalism, 24 hours a day and across all the platforms our customers use – web and mobile. Our portfolio includes The Bloomgist website and app.

The Bloomgist’s content is also available on Google+ News, Facebook Instant Articles and Google Home.

Recently nominated as the Best New Media in West Africa, our digital content reaches more than 1.2 million users across Africa (UKOM MMX MP March 2018).

How to make a living online with ease

Is it possible to make money online? How to make enough money to make a living online? Here you will find some practical advice for making a living online.

Many people still believe that earning money online is a fairy-tale for native users. Are you one of those people? If so, then you are losing many opportunities the web offers you every day. There are ways, they are reliable, and many people have already tried them out. Why can’t you do the same then?

Providing writing services is a way to earn money online. You can check out, for example. This is an opportunity to earn without leaving your home. But providing writing services is far not the only earning option. It does not matter what your occupation and professional background are, you can find your way.

How to Make Money Online

So, now you have decided to try. There is a number of options to earn money online. Here are just some of them:

  • Taking jobs which you can find on freelancing websites;
  • Filling in surveys;
  • Websites testing and apps testing;
  • Giving online lessons;
  • Providing article writing services.

You can consider creating a website and monetizing it, or starting an online shop. But most likely, if you need money, you aren’t in the mood to invest now. That is why it is better to consider the above-mentioned options because they don’t require any investments.

Freelance Websites

This can be a good start for launching a freelancer career or at least to solve financial issues for a particular time. If you are looking for earning options, then you had better check those websites that provide free subscription options. If everything goes smoothly, you can consider a paid subscription plan later on. Such websites offer a wide range of jobs, so you can find something that you like or that you can do for a while.

Marketing Surveys

Taking surveys is a good way to earn some money fast and without putting too much effort. Are you interested? Then type in your browser “paid survey sites” and go on. It is better to sign up to receive notifications from the sites you liked. Then you will not miss important information.

A survey will take not much of your time and usually pays from 1 to 3 USD. Are you willing to get 3 USD for one hour of your time? If yes, then this option may be a perfect solution for you. If companies are willing to pay to learn your opinion about their products, why not get money for this?

Website and App Testing

Website testing is often ordered by big companies. They want to make sure that all functions work perfectly, that the website is user-friendly, that you as a common user, can navigate it without problems. This is a great option to earn good money fast because it takes little time(just around 15 minutes) and is paid well – around 5-10 USD per test.

Usually, you perform some actions on the website. For example, if the website is for buying and selling things, you may be asked to make a purchase. But be aware, that you need to record everything you are doing, as the website owner wants to make sure that you really tested the website. That is why, most likely, you need to have a laptop with a microphone and speedy internet connection.

Online Tutoring

If you have teaching skills, or if you have some knowledge that is in demand, why not try teaching? There are plenty of apps that allow doing it – Skype, for example. Why not help a kid with homework? Or why not explain some topic to a student? If you are lucky to have special education, then online tutoring may become your career. Do you know that there are many online schools that will be happy to pay you for your work? There are many teachers who make their living out of online tutoring.

Writing Services

If you love writing and can write, then providing writing services can be a career for life for you. There are many website owners who are looking for quality content. There are SEO specialists and companies, who are willing to pay good money for SEO optimized articles. Finally, there are many websites that offer money for interesting content. You can select anything you like.


Making money online is as simple as making money in an office, for example. There are numerous advantages of earning online. But there are disadvantages as well because not everybody is disciplined enough to get used to deadlines and requirements without having a fixed schedule of work.

Paid content is paid for and controlled by an advertiser and produced by the Bloomgist Business team. Read More.

4 tips for choosing the right travel buddy

How to find a travel buddy? The key issue in the organization of travel is to find the right fellow traveler. Whether this trip will be exciting and interesting or will make you nervous and you will never want to repeat it again – all this will depend on your fellow travelers.

4 tips for choosing the right travel buddy
Photo: Grand Pacific Resorts

In order to completely exclude the second option, it is necessary to carefully approach this issue, taking into account all the nuances: from your wishes concerning the country of destination to the budget of the trip. So, have some tips for you:

  1.      Travel alone

Sometimes we want to get away from people, think, and look deep into ourselves. Do you feel the same? Congratulations! You are a person with a rich inner world and a subtle spiritual organization who is not bored in seclusion. Here we can definitely guarantee: no one will spoil your trip (except perhaps you yourself). Before you go on a trip alone, look for appropriate country of destination. For example, we strongly don’t recommend going alone to the Amazon jungle. And, conversely, it is unlikely that you may get in some dangerous situation in Barcelona, for example. Although…. Anything can happen. Also, your experience and health condition is important. So, if you plan to travel alone, it will be not superfluous to undergo a medical examination.

  1.      Travel with your soulmate

It sounds very attractive, right? Even if you are going to a very ordinary place, there should be a place for romance. What can we say if your goal is a romantic city or country? Experts have different opinions concerning joint trips: some of them advise people to travel separately. But we will give the advantages of joint trips: finding a travel buddy in the person of your soulmate, a joint holiday will help understand each other better, reveal your inner selves, experience the brightest emotions with your loved one and immediately share your impressions. And it is also a trip that can help to breathe new strength into your relationship. In addition, after such a holiday, you can confidently answer yourself whether it is the right person.

  1.      Travel with friends

Carefully look at your future fellow travelers: it is very important that the worldview, goals, and, very importantly, budgets coincide. If all the above coincide, there is a great chance that the trip will pass as well as possible. But even in this case, there are no guarantees. Maybe you have no conflict for the years of friendship, but who knows what may happen during a two-week non-stop communication. When we travel, we live a few lives. This is an excellent indicator for any relations – all our bright points and flaws appear there. So, be ready because you can return home without friends. But if you don’t quarrel, know – this is a real friendship.

  1.      Travel with groups of interests

Often we want to completely change the environment. In this case, groups of the same interests will help you. So, looking for a travel buddy, you can organize a trip with like-minded people, but here you can’t guarantee a positive result, especially if, as it often happens, you see each other for the first time. Gloomy people don’t travel, but it is never out of place to be on the lookout. So, when you finally find a travel buddy, it’s best to meet this person a couple of days before you leave. Thus, you can discuss the details of a trip and make sure that this particular person or people are good. When this happens, you can actively prepare for the departure and go on your trip.

And whatever you decide, the most important travel buddy is you yourself. So, be always happy, regardless of the environment and country of destination.