Florence-Anne Oladimeji

Florence-Anne Oladimeji started walking with the Lord from childhood and has since been regularly exposed to sound biblical teachings.

Florence-Anne Oladimeji
Florence-Anne Oladimeji

The Lord first spoke to her about writing this book during one of her personal bible study sessions when He (the Lord) opened her eyes to recurrent patterns of miracles observed in the bible which the Lord assured that He’s still able, willing, and ready to do for as many who would look away from their enormous troubles to look upon Him, the mighty Helper and Great God.

She’s a Consultant and a Fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria, married to Bimbo and together they have two beautiful children. She currently serves with her husband in a campus arm of one of the flourishing Christian ministries in Nigeria.

‘Helped: Miracles in the Midst of Troubles’

In every generation, God uses seemingly inconsequential things to demonstrate His great power and draw men’s attention to His omnipotence to turn troubles into triumph.
For Moses, it was the burning bush; and for you God has chosen to use this book titled ‘Helped: Miracles in the Midst of Troubles’.

In this book you will learn how some men and women were helped by God to have miracles unparalleled despite the enormity of their challenges and troubles. You will also learn how you can use the time-proven principles they used to have God turn your situation completely around so that you leave where you are now to where you have always longed to be, that place where God works out everything for you!

Unlock the miracle power of God for your life in this generation.

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