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13 books to watch for in June

Juicy new novels from Kevin Kwan, J. Courtney Sullivan, Max Brooks and Ottessa Moshfegh. An important gay civil rights history, the story of human migration and summery,

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Common fears of living in Lagos

This is a serious turn off for Lagosians and having no possible choice other than relocation, living with this fear, is their next door alternative.

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Nsala soup with catfish – Weekend recipe

Ofe Nsala (Nsala Soup) is a delicious soup, popular in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is also known as ‘‘white soup” because of its light color , due to the absence of palm oil.

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I don’t like pizza, and I’m fine

In this part of this world, Lagos, there are some food that has been turned into what everyone should eat and what we must all like, if we want to fit in - Pizza is one of them.

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