Impactfield Global Youth Initiative


ImpactField Global Youth Initiative is a fast-rising global youth programme that focuses on five (5) core values that builds a youth in totality. These core values include Education, Youth Empowerment, Charity, Youth/ Children Advocacy and the Spiritual Enhancement of the Youth.

ImpactField hosts several other annual, monthly and quarterly events for young people with Enugu Readers Summit as one of the major annual events. Enugu Readers Summit started on the 12th day of July 2016 with only 16 participants in a classroom at National Grammar School Nike. It was repeated by September 2016 with much improvement both in impact and participation.

The competition aspect of ENUGU READERS’ SUMMIT started with the ENUGU SUPER READING XPERIENCE at National Grammar School Nike on the 30th of November 2016 with over 70 participants.

IMPACTFEILD recorded over 300 participants on the Day1 (Comprehension competition) and over 500 participants at the ENUGU READERS SUMMIT 2017. This year, 2018, the target is to reach 1500 Enugu teenagers through the Secondary School system and empower them with the right values where it has to do education, reading and life in general.


Readers Summit: it is an annual program designed majorly for secondary school students. It is gradually spreading like wildfire to different parts of the country. It is designed to

  1. To empower young people to cultivate a reading attitude.
  2. Celebrate young people who are affecting the society with little or nothing.
  3. Empower young people to become the best they are created to be.
  4. Entertain them through poetic renditions, drama and other literary performances.


  1. Build students that will dare to be different in all they do.
  2. Challenge students and other young participants to become the best readers. When this is achieved, the menace of examination illegularities will be curbed to a large extent. This will be achieved through a change of mindset through the talks at the summit and the competition challenge.
  3. The competition is designed to encourage the students to work hard in their academic endeavors.