Exploiting the social media

Bloomgist Social Media Camp

Bloomgist Social media conference 2016: Exploiting the social media (#BloomgistSMC)


The world business scene is changing rapidly, thanks to the impart and influence of the social media and our tech hacks who are making iteasy for everyone, so willing, to have his/her own fare share of the cake, but this, in fact, basically, depends on how and why you are using the social media.

Bloomgist is organising a social media conference to teach and impact the knowledge and ways of using the social media into the vibrant youths in Nigeria. Through this event, we are aiming at sharing the stories of the top individuals and brands who utilized the social media and how they benefited significantly in time and how you, also, can use the social media to grow your business and atract ready investors.

Topics to be discoursed includes:

  1. Knowing your target: when you know your target, you determine the best spot for it and how to aplpy the best strategy to it.
  2. Why social media?: Why is everybody running to the social media and who has it helped?
  3. How to make use of SEO (for web developers)
  4. The impact of social media to your business
  5. The challenges, the solutions and the success stories.

Who is speaking at the event?

Olumuyiwa Awoniyi

Muyiwa is a writer, author of different inspiring books and an on-air personality who has worked for Chosen TV and other Nigeria TV and Radio stations.

Josephine O.

Josephine is a web developer, social media enthusiast and a motivational speaker who has worked with and developed many sites for top European and Nigerian brands

Mike Ikenwa

Mike is a social media expert, Digital Media Strategist, founder of The Bloomgist and PowerMouse Technologies. He has worked with Chichinwa Africa, Reformer Times, Debic Media, etc.

Who can attend?

The event is for every onewho has interest and wants to learn new ways of exploiting the social media in a way it will earn them money and expand their business reach.

Is it free?

Yes, the event is free. In fact, you will get gift and other giveaways after the event.

What Time is it

It starts by 9:00am to 5:00pm

Where is the venue

Triangle, by Ijesha Market, Ijesha Surulere, Lagos

For sponsorship, partnership and participation, contact:

Email: info@bloomgist.com

Tel: 08098313853, +2348100333181

Web: bloomgist.com/socialmediacamp/



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