Mike Ikenwa

Mike Ikenwa is a Media strategist. Creative Graphic/Web Designer.

Mike Ikenwa is the founder of Bloomgist, PowerMouse Technologies. He was a senior contributor at ChiChiNwa Africa.

Articles by Mike Ikenwa

On the first episode of Bloom Gist’s ‘Nigeria Today’ anchored by Mike Ikenwa, we are taking a closer look on what we called an ‘unending silent war between the Igbos and Yorubas’ .

The co-existence between the Yorubas and the Igbo in Nigeria has often been likened to the relationship between cat and rat, nothing ever gets smooth between them and the fight for supremacy, domination and possession has closed any door that could possibly lead to peaceful co-existence between the two, out of the three major tribes in Nigeria, the biggest black nation in the world.

First, I appreciate the fact that you at least made your own suggestion on moving the economy of Nigeria to a better and stable state, which after all, is what we all are aiming at and what we all are trying to bring to the government’s attention.

Now, to the main reason I am responding to your somehow ‘time-wasting ‘article which is focusing more on individuals and groups than it’s focusing on the main issue which is ‘which way forward?’

I used to be a kid when P Square was hot (still hot now though), me and my friends have to finish our house chores on time in other to have more time to watch the popular ‘P-Square Moves’

though I was not a good dancer (was not, can you really dance now?) any way but I enjoy watching good dancers, energetic dancer in that way and P-Square videos used to be my favourites then cos they have lots and lots of them in it…

These days, we don’t have to wait for an edited information before we know what is going on in our dear society, we get to be notified as soon as it happens, Now we say THANKS TO BLOGGERS because they made it possible.