The Camp

The Camp West is West Africa’s premier conference and entrepreneurship programme for startups and young entrepreneurs. The mission is to discover and bring together startups and young entrepreneurs in West Africa to share ideas, learn and network while helping them understand the market trends, insights, meet key industry players and connect them to resources they need to build their brands.

The event which started in 2015 has seen in attendance over 200 young entrepreneurs and start-ups from across Nigeria, as well as 5 West African countries including Ghana, Liberia, Benin Republic and Cameroon. We bring over 13 speakers, hosts and panellists with different ideas and experiences.

The Camp features keynotes, presentations, panels, workshops, debates on social issues, events that affect the society and tours. The goal is to help entrepreneurs to grow through collaboration, connect them to bigger brands to facilitate their growth, by learning and the sharing of ideas and information.