The Camp

Welcome to the Camp by Bloomgist | attend, learn, implement

What is The Camp?

The Camp West is West Africa’s premier conference and entrepreneurship programme for startups and young entrepreneurs. The mission is to discover and bring together startups and young entrepreneurs in West Africa to share ideas, learn and network while helping them understand the market trends, insights, meet key industry players and connect them to resources they need to build their brands

The event which started in 2015 has seen in attendance over 200 young entrepreneurs and start-ups from across Nigeria, as well as 5 West African countries including Ghana, Liberia, Benin Republic and Cameroon. We bring over 13 speakers, hosts and panellists with different ideas and experiences.


  • 80% aged 16-35
  • 75% are business owners
  • 40% are students and young graduates
  • 35% work in marketing, media and communications
  • 30% work for a company with 50+ employees

The Camp features keynotes, presentations, panels, workshops, debates on social issues, events that affect the society and tours. The goal is to help entrepreneurs to grow through collaboration, connect them to bigger brands to facilitate their growth, by learning and the sharing of ideas and information.










In partnership with brands and event partners we organize over 11 sessions and events in Lagos within 2 days.

We, in these events bring together Start-ups, brands, and influencers with ideas and experiences to share their ideas and inspiration with young and curious entrepreneurs.


Through the support of our partners and regional brands, we publish research and reports on global market influence, trends in emerging market and businesses.


With our speakers and panelists who have deep understanding of businesses, through workshops, interactive lectures and insights, we provide young entrepreneurs and start-ups with the latest in trends, best practices and industry case studies.Juan Pérez is a Certified Residential Specialist with over 12 years of experience of helping local clients sell homes. He achieved success due to his commitment to providing beautiful homes in Sussex.

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