What we do

The Bloomgist is on the mission to in lead as the most society-focused digital news media in Africa media industry and has successfully launched into a multi-platform digital news brand that continues to deliver the highest-quality, trusted journalism, 24 hours a day, across all the platforms our readers use.

Our portfolio includes The Bloomgist website and app, The Monthly Bloomgist and The Bloomgist Podcasts.

The Bloomgist is successfully diversifying into sectors to cater for the needs of The Bloomgist’s well-informed audience including: advertising, digital branding, travel, subscriptions.

Our Vision: to pioneer new ways to serve at least 10 million registered customers through quality journalism and experiences, bringing them closer to us and each other.


Stay informed with the latest news, special reports, technology and sports, as well as business, politics and lifestyle, as it unfolds 24 hours a day on The Bloomgist’s user-friendly website. Read the most thought-provoking features, opinion and analysis, plus all the best video and bespoke digital content.

Digital partners

The Bloomgist has partnered with a wide range of digital partners including Vice news, M33 Labs, Facebook Instant Articles, Google Newstand, Jiji and RSTV.

Our diverse businesses


The Bloomgist’s advertising team is the trusted media partner for more than 30 brands every year. They bring campaigns to life with innovative, cut-edge creativity, 100% viewable, fraud-free digital opportunities, events and content partnerships, backed with our Results That Matter guarantee.


The Bloomgist’s vast portfolio of live consumer and business events span a range of topics and showcase new ideas, expertise and technology.


Quality content, carefully curated, Bloomgist Premium, The Bloomgist’s subscription programme, delivers customers unlimited access to our renowned journalism online, and via our apps.